What your Section can achieve – planning and strategy

TitreWhat your Section can achieve – planning and strategy
Type de publicationArticle de colloque/conférence
Année de publication2013
AuteursRussell Lynch, Carolynn Rankin, Geneviève Clavel-Merrin, Viviana Quiñones, Gerald Leitner
Nom du colloqueIFLA WLIC 2013. Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities. Session 77 - IFLA Market: What your Section can achieve – planning and strategy
Date de la réunion2013/08/18
Lieu du colloqueSingapore, Summit 2

This session is aimed mainly at active participants of IFLA Units (Section Standing Committee members, Special Interest Group participants, Strategic Programme committee members). Especially those that are planning to submit a Professional Project proposal to the Professional Committee this year. We hope you learn more about how to plan and carry out an effective IFLA project, and to understand more about how your project could support the Strategic Plan and Key Initiatives. Examples taken from current professional projects will be presented, and you will have the opportunity to ask members of the Professional Committee about the selection process, and what makes a good application.