We grew up together: data.bnf.fr from the BnF and Logilab perspectives

TitreWe grew up together: data.bnf.fr from the BnF and Logilab perspectives
Type de publicationArticle de colloque/conférence
Année de publication2014
AuteursAgnès Simon, Sébastien Peyrard, Vincent Michel, Adrien Di Mascio
Date de la réunion2014/08/14
OrganisateurIFLA Information Technology Section ; IFLA Semantic Web Special Interest Group ; Bibliothèque nationale de France
Lieu du colloqueParis, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Petit auditorium

Three years after the launching of the Linked Open Data site data.bnf.fr, we can report on the experience of the project, from the cross perspective of a public institution, the National library of France (BnF) and a company, Logilab. Starting like a small innovative project, with few data and a small team, data.bnf.fr is now becoming up-running service, integrating progressively all the resources of the BnF catalogues and broadly consulted.This paper shares what made data.bnf.fr a success story: librarians and IT services from the BnF and Logilab programmers working together according to the agile software development; using the free software CubicWeb based on a relational database; relying on the long term cataloguing and diffusion policy of the library.Yet we are now tackling technical, organizational and stategic issues concerning scalability, dependencies, stability, but also knowledge transfer to new comers on the project. We are now considering the project in a long term perspective, integrating it to the BnF routines and issues, but also keeping on innovating.

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