Recording and playing machines through time: an online exhibition

TitreRecording and playing machines through time: an online exhibition
Type de publicationArticle en ligne
Année de publication2015
AuteursEmilie Vaisman
Titre de publicationEurope's sound heritage at your fingertips
Date de publication2015/08/31

Visit a museum from home and travel back in time to explore a rich history of technical innovations and discover their social and cultural uses for both work and entertainment purposes. Try out this new Europeana Sounds’ online exhibition!  This exhibition, drawn from the collections of nine major cultural institutions gathered in the Europeana Sounds project, offers a selection of machines that illustrate a wide range of techniques and technologies. From the days of the phonograph to the digital age, collections of machines from cultural institutions provide a thorough overview of the evolution of machines used to register and play sounds.