Modeling the Domain of Digital Preservation in Wikidata

TitreModeling the Domain of Digital Preservation in Wikidata
Type de publicationArticle de colloque/conférence
Année de publication2017
AuteursKatherine Thornton, Euan Cochrane, Thomas Ledoux, Bertrand Caron, Carl Wilson
Nom du colloqueiPRES2017 : 14th International Conference on Digital Preservation / Kyoto, Japan / September 25 – 29, 2017
Date de la réunion2017/09/27
OrganisateurInternational Conference on Digital Preservation
Lieu du colloqueKyoto

Members of the digital preservation community collate and capture metadata to describe file formats, software, operating systems and hardware, and use it to inform and drive digital preservation processes. In this work we describe how the infrastructure of Wikidata meets the requirements for a technical registry of metadata related to computer software and computing environments.Collaboratively creating this metadata, and making it available as linked open data, will reduce the amount of redundant work digital preservation professionals do in order to describe resources. Having machine-readable, linked open data that describes the digital preservation domain will also allow us to reuse this data in our software applications and information systems, reducing the overhead when building new tools. Furthermore the Wikidata social and technical infrastructure will enable the long term continued access to the data digital preservation practitioners collate and capture.Wikidata is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), and is created through commons-based peer production [3]. Simply put, Wikidata is a knowledge base of structured data that anyone can edit [40]. The infrastructure of Wikidata is created using free software, and is designated to the public domain. All content in Wikidata is licensed so that other may freely reuse the data. Volunteer editors, coordinating their own work, add data to Wikidata.Through this analysis we demonstrate how the infrastructure of Wikidata provides distinct advantages to the cultural heritage domain that proprietary knowledge bases do not provide.

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