Fransa Milli Kütüphanesi ve Türkçe Bölümü

TitreFransa Milli Kütüphanesi ve Türkçe Bölümü
Type de publicationArticle de revue
Année de publication2011
AuteursSara Yontan Musnik
JournalTürk Kütüphaneciligi = Turkish Librarianship

Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) as it is known since 1994, has existed as a « national » library since the late fifteenth century. Soon after, with the establishment of the Legal deposit law, it has assumed the rôle of a cultural heritage institution. Along with its main missions which are to collect, to organise, to save and to communicate, it nourishes the ambition to build encyclopeadic collections, gathering the products of knowledge from all over the world, This includes Turkish and Turkey related material, such as manuscripts, printed books and journals but also other formats, such as sound, image or electronic ressources, to name some. It hosts the richest Turkish collection in France. BnF aims to serve both the public and the professional community by various means. Conscious of its rich history, it nevertheless, welcomes new developments that await both librarians and users. We hope that this very brief overview will provide an interest to find out more about the past and the present of the institution.