Experiment, Document & Decide: a Collaborative Approach to Preservation Planning at BnF

TitreExperiment, Document & Decide: a Collaborative Approach to Preservation Planning at BnF
Type de publicationArticle de colloque/conférence
Année de publication2015
AuteursBertrand Caron, Stéphane Reecht, Thomas Ledoux, Jean-Philippe Tramoni
Nom du colloqueiPRES 2015 : 12th International Conference on Digital Preservation
Date de la réunion2015/11/03
OrganisateurInternational Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES)
Lieu du colloqueChapell Hill, University of North Carolina

The National Library of France (BnF) has recently implemented a new module for its Scalable Preservation and Archiving Repository (SPAR) to set up preservation strategies based on formats, agents, workflows, tools and tests, and managed as reference packages in the Archive.This module aims to fulfill an objective: for SPAR to be fully self-documented. Formats, agents and workflows are formally described and preserved along with the Information packages in which such elements are involved. Although this was a feature that was included from the beginnings of SPAR, the new Preservation Planning module aims to provide a tool that can more easily build these reference packages and that will more closely involve domain experts and the IT department in the processes of preservation planning. But the main innovation lies in the documentation of decisions that directed their selection as standards in SPAR: test data are now preserved as a new kind of reference package.