The Document Cycle: from Selection to Access, New Curatorial Practices

TitreThe Document Cycle: from Selection to Access, New Curatorial Practices
Type de publicationArticle de colloque/conférence
Année de publication2015
AuteursAnnick Le Follic, Sabine Schostag
Nom du colloqueInternational seminar "Web Archiving: Preserving the History of Data-Driven Society"
Date de la réunion2015/01/28
OrganisateurNational Library of Estonia
Lieu du colloqueTallinn, National Library of Estonia, Main Conference Hall

This short presentation will point out how curatorial practices are regularely adapted to take in consideration the specificities of web documents. By the use of the same tools (NetarchiveSuite and Heritrix), BnF and Netarkivet have a similar workflow although they have different collection policies.

Annick Le Follic, has worked at the Bibliothèque nationale de France as a digital curator since 2008. She has participated to the instruction of the first in-house broad crawl in 2010 and now manages the planification of broad and focused crawls.

Sabine Schostag, Netarkivet, Statsbiblioteket, web curator, has worked with web archiving since 2005, mainly with the curation of selective crawls, when the internet became part of Legal Deposit in Denmark.